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Cordyline therminalis Cordyline Hanjuang Liliaceae

Cordyline therminalis,  Cordyline, Hanjuang


Cordyline therminalis,  Cordyline, Hanjuang

Centered in the southwest Pacific region (one species in tropical America), most species of this genus of 15 or so species of somewhat palm-like evergreen shrubs and small trees are tropical or subtropical, Cordylines resemble dracaenas in habit and foliage, but differ in the flowers which are small and starry, borne in large panicles, and in the red, black or whitish fruits.
A peculiarity is their underground rhizome that grows downward, sometimes emerging through the drainage apertures of a pot; its main function appears to be food storage.
Flowering colors: Mauve, Purple, White
Cultivation: Cordylines do well in rich, well-drained soil.
The narrower-leafed New Zealand species are the most sun hardy, and Cordyline australis tolerates salt spray near the ocean; the species with broader, thinner leaves like a sheltered position in part shade, though will tolerate full sun if humidity is high.
Most can be kept in pots or tubs for many years as indoor or patio plants.
Easily propagated from seed or stem cuttings.