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Sedum morganianum
Donkey's tail
Kaktus anggur

Sedum morganianum, Donkey's tail, Kaktus anggur


Sedum morganianum, Donkey's tail, Kaktus anggur	Common name(s):Sedum morganianum, Donkey's tail, Kaktus anggur
Donkeys tail
Burro tail
Native to Mexico, this popular, readily branching, evergreen perennial has a compact, upright habit, becoming weeping as the stems lengthen. Growing up to 12 in (30 cm), the attractive stems are composed of bluish green, interlocking leaves that have a plump, lanceolate form. In cultivation clusters of long, pinkish red, starry flowers may bloom at the stem tips in summer. It makes an ideal hanging Sedum morganianum, Donkey's tail, Kaktus anggur	basket plant but should be handled with care as the leaves readily detach.
Hardiness zone from 9 To 12
Flowering colors: Pink, Red
Cultivation: They range from being frost tender to fully frost hardy. Fertile, porous soil is preferred; however some types are extremely robust and will grow in most soil types. They need full sun. Propagate perennials, shrubs and subshrubs from seed in spring or fall (autumn) or by division or from cuttings in spring through mid-summer. Propagate annuals and biennials from seed sown under glass in early spring or outdoors in mid-spring.