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Tradescantia spathacea Moses in the cradle   Commelinaceae

Tradescantia spathacea, Moses in the cradle


Tradescantia spathacea, Moses in the cradle

An evergreen, clump-forming perennial, this species reaches 18 in (45 cm) in height with a spread of 10 in (25 cm).
It has a short stem bearing a rosette of fleshy, lance-shaped leaves up to 12 in (30 cm) long. The leaves are glossy green with purple undersides. Tiny white flowers, held in leaf-like bracts, are produced throughout the year. Vitiated has yellow-striped, glossy green leaves.
Flowering colors: White
Cultivation: Grow in full sun or part-shade in fertile, moist to dry soil.
Cut back ruthlessly when they become straggly.
Propagate by division or from tip cuttings .