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Cucumis Melon Melon Cucurbitaceae

Cucumis, Melon,

Cucumis, Melon,

Two genera of the cucurbit family are foremost in importance for the food plants they have produced, namely Cucurbita itself, and Cucumis.
It is the latter genus that has given us most of the melons (except watermelon, which is Citrullus) and the cucumbers.
It consists of 30 or more species and occurs wild in Africa, southern Asia and Australia.
They are annual or perennial tendril climbers or prostrate scrambling vines with thin, lobed or angled leaves and white or yellow flowers, of different sexes but usually on the one plant.
Flowering colors: White, Yellow
Cultivation: Plant in humus-rich soil and water generously but not too much.
A dry climate is preferable, as humid conditions can affect the quality of the fruits and make the plants more prone to the fungus anthracnose.
Hand pollinate if growing melons on a small scale.
Propagate from seed.