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Canna Canna Kana Cannaceae

Canna, Canna, Kana


Canna, Canna, KanaThis genus of robust, rhizomatous perennials consists of about 25 species, all native to tropical and South America.
Belonging to the same broad grouping as gingers and bananas, they resemble these in that their apparent aboveground stems are not true stems but collections of tightly furled leaf bases, rising from the thick knotty rhizomes.
Slender flowering stems grow up through the centers of these false stems, emerging at the top with showy flowers of very asymmetrical structure. All garden cannas are hybrids with much broader petals, originating as crosses between several species in the mid-nineteenth century.
Early hybrids had fairly smooth petals in single colors but the addition of Canna flaccida genes resulted in larger, crumpled flowers with striking variegations (orchid-flowered cannas).
The colors of cannas range from reds, oranges and yellows through to apricots, creams and pinks. Canna, Canna, Kana
The leaves can be green, bronze or purple, or sometimes white or yellow striped.
Plants range in height from 18 in (45 cm) to 8 ft (2.4 m).
Cultivation: They are sun-loving plants and thrive in hot dry weather as long as watercan be kept up to the roots, and they respond well to heavy feeding.
Cut back to the ground after flowers finish.
Propagate by division.

Canna, Canna, Kana Canna, Canna, Kana Canna, Canna, Kana