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Gazania splendens Gazania   Compositae

Gazania splendens, Gazania


Gazania splendens, Gazania	From tropical and southern Africa, this genus consists of about 16 species of low-growing annuals and perennials grown for their bright colorful flowers. The leaves are entire or deeply lobed, long and narrow, often dark green on top and white- or silver gray-felted beneath or in some species silvery haired on both sides. The flowerheads borne singly on short stalks range from cream to yellow, gold, pink, red, buff, brown and intermediate shades, usually with contrasting bands or spots at the petal bases. They appear from early spring until summer. Most modern variants are hybrids from several South African species; they are marginally frost hardy and useful for coastal areas for bedding, rock gardens, pots and tubs and for binding soil on slopes. Some attractive hybrid cultivars include Double Orange bearing large orange flowers with double centers on short stems just above the leaves; Flore Pleno with bright yellow double flowers; and Gwens Pink with salmon pink single flowers with yellow centers and dark brown rings. Plants in the Chansonette Series are strong but low growers, reaching just 8 in (20 cm) in height. There are many color varieties, mostly with contrasting dark centers.
Hardiness zone from 9 To 11
Position: Sunny
Cultivation: Grow in full sun in sandy, fairly dry, well-drained soil.
Mulch yearly with compost and water during dry periods.
Propagate by division or from cuttings in fall (autumn), or from seed in late winter to early spring.