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Cuphea hyssopifolia False heater Taiwan beauty Lythraceae

Cuphea-hyssopifolia,False heater,Lythraceae,  Taiwan beauty


Cuphea-hyssopifolia,False heater,Lythraceae,  Taiwan beauty

Cuphea hyssopifolia
False heather
A small shrub from Mexico and Guatemala, this species is popular worldwide as a pot plant for window ledges and balconies It grows to about 18 in (45 cm) high, has a mound-like form and small dark green oblong leaves. The small flowers appear in the axils of the new shoots from late spring to winter; they have only a short tube and prominent pink to reddish purple petals. It is short lived but self-seeds very readily and may become a pest, especially in warm areas.
Hardiness zone from 10 To 12
Cultivation: They prefer moist, well-drained soil in sun or very light shade. Propagation is usually from small tip cuttings, though they are also easily raised from seed, which often self-sows.