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Allium Gigantheum Giant Allium   Alliaceae

Allium-giganteum,Giant Allium,Amaryllidaceae,


Allium-giganteum,Giant Allium,Amaryllidaceae,  This is a large genus consisting of more than 700 species of bulbous perennials and biennials that occur in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and range in height from about 4-60 in (10 cm-1.5 m). Some species are edible, including onions, garlic and chives. The most ornamental species, which are brightly colored with beautiful flowers, mostly come from west and central Asia. Common to the genus is the oniony smell emitted when the leaves are bruised or cut. All species have flowers in an umbel terminating on a small, erect stalk and sheathed in bud by membranous bracts. Bulbs can be very fat or quite slender but generally produce new bulbils at the base, sometimes also in the flower stalks.Hardiness zone from 3 To 11
Flowering colors: Blue, Green, Mauve, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White, Yellow
Flowering season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Garden type: Seaside, Dry Garden, Bedding Plant, Herb Garden, Container, Small Garden
Cultivation: They prefer a sunny, open position in fertile, well-drained, weed-free soil. Both edible and ornamental species have the same pest and disease enemies such as onion fly, stem eelworm, rust and onion white rot. Propagate from seed or bulbils.
Allium giganteum,Giant allium
Among the tallest of flowering alliums, this central Asian species has 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 m) stems topped with dense, 4-6 in (10-15 cm) diameter umbels of violet to deep purple flowers in mid-summer. Leaves are gray-green, 18 in (45 cm) or more long and usually fade by flowering time. Hardiness zone from 6 To 10.Plant Height From approx. 120 To 210 cm
Flowering colors: Purple, Violet.Flowering season: Summer.Position: Sunny