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Clerodendron  paniculatum Pagoda flower Bunga pagoda Verbenaceae

Clerodendron paniculatum, Pagoda flower, Pagoda, Bunga pagoda


Clerodendron paniculatum, Pagoda flower, Pagoda, Bunga pagodaA fast-growing but short-lived and tender species from tropical Asia, the pagoda flower is popular in the wet tropics for its huge panicles of small, scarlet flowers that terminate the erect shoots, appearing through much of the year. Growing to 6-8 ft (1.8-2.4 m), it branches from the roots into coarse, vigorous shoots with very large, deeply veined, glossy deep green leaves on long stalks.
Cultivation: They all appreciate a sunny position, though sheltered from strong wind and the hottest summer sun, and deep, moist, fertile soil.
Propagation from cuttings, which strike readily under heat; or many species sucker from the roots and a large root cutting can produce much quicker results.