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Episcia cupriata Flame violet Daun perak Gesneriaceae

Episcia cupriata , Flame violet	, Daun perak


Episcia cupriata , Flame violet	, Daun perak

This evergreen creeper, native to America, grows to a hEpiscia cupriata , Flame violet	, Daun perakeight of about 6 ft (1.8 m).
The attractive, felted, bronze leaves have silver veins.
This plant intermittently produces tubular, scarlet flowers with yellow centers.
The cultivar Mosaica has dark, almost black leaves with an embossed appearance.
Cultivation: Plant in indirect light.
Poor light may result in few flowers.
They require constant warmth and humidity, so are well suited to a sunny bathroom or glassed area.
Keep moist at all times, but take care not to over-water as it leads to rotting.
Pinch back stems after flowering to encourage branching, and repot every year . Propagate by laying runners in compost, from cuttings or by division.