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Petunia Petunia Petunia Solanaceae

Petunia, Solanaceae,


Petunia, Solanaceae,

Petunias are relatives of the tobaccos (Nicotiana): their leaves have a similar narcotic effect on humans.There are around 35 species in the genus, occurring in warmer parts of South America, including annuals, biennials and shrubby perennials.
They have dark green, rather hairy, smooth-edged leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers in white, purple, red, blue, pink or mixed hues.
Cultivation: The garden petunias always grown as annuals and are popular worldwide as bedding plants and for window boxes, hanging baskets and planters.
Fairly fast growing, they like well-drained, fertile soil and a sunny location,although they do need shelter from wind. Flowers of some of the larger Grandiflora hybrids are damaged by rain but others, mainly the Multiflora hybrids, are more resistant. Deadhead regularly and pinch back hard to encourage branching. Cucumber mosaic and tomato spotted wilt may attack them.