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Ruellia brittoniana Mrxican petunia Pletekan Acanthaceae

Ruellia	brittoniana, Mexican petunia,  Kwelia, pletekan

Ruellia-britoniana,Mexican petunia,Acanthaceae,  Pletekan

The Mexican petunia's attracts happy hordes of butterfly in the process. The Mexican petunia is a tender evergreen perennial.The strong semi-woody stalks are distinctly vertical in aspect and hold attractive dark green, leaves oppositely at the nodes. The blossoms are trumpet shaped and are born at the tips of the stems. Varieties with white, pink, and many shades of blue are available, as are dwarf versions that form clumps that are about 25 cm 12" inches in height. Prefers fertile soil with moisture, but is very adaptable. After flowering, cut back stems about halfway for a new crop! Light: Sun to part shade. The quantity of blossoms is related to the amount of light the plant receives. Moisture: Average to moist. Survives dry spells once established. Propagation: Cuttings, division, seed. Stems are very easy to root in moist soil. Over time the plant multiplies and the original stem becomes a colony.