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Peace lily Selandang putih Araceae

Spathiphyllum, Peace lily, Ingler, Selandang putih


Spathiphyllum, Peace lily, Ingler, Selandang putih

Most of the 36 species of this genus of evergreen, rhizomatous perennials come from tropical America, but some are native to Malaysia.
They are lush, with dark green, oval leaves that stand erect or arch slightly, and beSpathiphyllum, Peace lily, Ingler, Selandang putihautiful white, cream or green flowers resembling arum lilies that bloom reliably indoors.
A NASA study of sick building syndrome found spathiphyllums among the top 10 plants for their ability to clean the air in offices.
Flowering colors: Cream, Green, White
Position: Shaded, Semi-Shaded
Cultivation: Grow in loose, fibrous, porous potting soil in filtered light away from the sun.
Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy.Spathiphyllum, Peace lily, Ingler, Selandang putih
Propagate by division.
They are generally pest free.
Too much light may turn the foliage yellow.