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Mexican aster

Kosmos Compositae

Cosmos, Mexican aster, Kosmos


Cosmos, Mexican aster, Kosmos

This genus of annuals and perennials, allied to Dahlia, contains 25 species native to warmer parts of the Americas but mostly to Mexico.
Two of the species are well known garden flowers, grown around the world, and two or three others are occasionally grown.
They have erect but weak, leafy stems and the leaves are variously lobed or deeply and finely dissected.
Flowerheads, on slender stalks terminating branches, are daisy-like with showy, broad ray-florets surrounding a small disc; they range in color from white through pinks, yellows, oranges, reds and purples to deep maroon.
Flowering colors: Brown, Crimson, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
Cultivation: They require a sunny situation with protection from strong winds and will grow in any well-drained soil as long as it is not over-rich.
Mulch with compost and water well in hot, dry weather.
Propagate annuals from seed .
Deadhead regularly, and in humid weather watch for insect pests and mildew.