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Aechmea fosteriana

Lacquered Wine Cup   Bromelioideae

Lacquered Wine Cup, Aechmea fosteriana

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Aechmea fosteriana (Lacquered Wine Cup) is a bromeliad native from Brazil, which is typical in costal areas of Espírito Santo. This plant is often used as an ornamental plant.

The following subspecies are recognized :

Aechmea fosteriana subsp. fosteriana L.B.Sm., 1941
Aechmea fosteriana subsp. rupicola Leme, 1987


Aechmea 'Bert'
Aechmea 'Chantifost'
Aechmea 'Foster's Chant'
Aechmea 'Kimberley'
Aechmea 'Little Bert'
xCanmea 'Majo'

Cultivar: n/a
Family: Bromeliaceae
Size: Height: 0 ft. to 2 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 0 ft.
Plant Category: bromeliads, houseplants, perennials,
Plant Characteristics: low maintenance, seed start,
Foliage Characteristics: coarse leaves, evergreen,
Foliage Color: green, red to burgundy, variegated,
Flower Characteristics: long lasting, showy,
Flower Color: reds, yellows,
Tolerances: heat & humidity,
Bloomtime Range: Early Summer to Late Summer
USDA Hardiness Zone: 7 to 11
AHS Heat Zone: Not defined for this plant
Light Range: Shade to Sun
pH Range: 5.5 to 6.5
Soil Range: Any
Water Range: Normal to Moist