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Aechmea fulgens Coral berry   Bromeliaceae

Aechmea fulgens, Coral berry


Aechmea fulgens, Coral berry	 From eastern Brazil, this popular species makes a rosette of rather thin leaves, bright green above but with a grayish waxy coating on the underside. The 18 in (45 cm) flowering stem terminates in a much-branched panicle without obvious bracts, the flowers with teardrop-shaped shiny red calyces and short violet petals. Most commonly grown is Aechmea f. var. discolor, with leaves more purplish especially on the underside.Hardiness zone from 11 To 12. Flowering colors: Red, Violet
Cultivation: How aechmeas are treated depends very much on climatic conditions. In the humid tropics and subtropics they grow happily outdoors, most preferring filtered sun. Despite being epiphytes, they will grow on the ground as long as soil is open and high in humus, and the bed is raised slightly. Some tolerate surprisingly cool conditions and can be grown outdoors well into the temperate zones, so long as frost is absent. In more severe climates they are grown as indoor or conservatory plants, potted in a coarse medium just like many orchids. Propagate by division (separating pups with a sharp knife), or from seed.