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Aechmea orlandiana


Aechmea Orlandiana

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Aechmea orlandiana

Are you fond of collecting rare or unusual plants? There is one rare Bromeliad that you should add to your collection the Aechmea orlandiana. Aechmea orlandiana is a small growing Bromeliad plant. It produces a stunning flower and has beautiful foliage.

Aechmea orlandiana plants are usually grown for their foliage. The variegated leaves of Aechmea orlandiana come in a perfect blend of yellow, green and slight touch of brown. Spines or sharp edges surround the leathery-textured leaves of the plants. As an additional bonus, orlandiana has terrific flower that come in magenta or pinkish-purplish color. The unique combination of the Aechmea orlandiana flower and foliage make it a perfect ornamental plant. It can be used outdoors as a landscaping plant.