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Jacquemontia penthatha Jacquemontia   Convolvulaceae

Jacquemontia penthata, Jacquemontia


Jacquemontia penthata, Jacquemontia

Jacquemontia pentantha violacea is an easy to maintain cJacquemontia penthata, Jacquemontia	 reeper with bell-shaped ultramarine blue flowers.Originally from tropical America, it's a small freely blooming creeper of controllable growth.
The stem of the creeper is slender and green and the leaves are arranged alternatively. The leaves are small, shiny and heart-shaped with pointed tips. The bell-shaped white-throated ultramarine blue flowers are produced in clusters at the ends for long stalks.
Compared to other members of Convalvulaceae, the family to which it belongs, the flowers are smaller. They are about the size of 2.5 cms across, with the petals fixing into bell shape with five stamens.
It bears flowers in all seasons. And if the creeper grows out of control, it can be easily and lightly trimmed. Flowers appear on new branches. propagation through seeds, cuttings and by layering. Remove dried stems to enable fresh growth.
It grows in manured soil of any type. The plant needs moderate watering and requires full sun or partial shade.