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Bowiea volublis
Climbing onion

Bowiea volublis, Climbing onion


Bowiea volublis, Climbing onion

Highly poison, from root to top! The tiny flowers are green.And the small fruits.
The true leaves that emerge from the bulb are small, very short lived, but they are replaced by the scrambling or twining, branched green flowering stems which reach up to 4 m long which are scattered with starry, green flowers.
The plant is dormant from January to April.
Synonyms: B. kilimandscharica, B. nana.Schizobasopsis v. Pop-name:Sea onion, Climbing onion, Zulo potato.
A member of the Hyacinthaceae family, first described by Harv. in 1867. Found in southern Africa, where i grows in peat, and stands a lot of water and sun. The onion-like caudex can be op to 20 cm in diameter (could take 70 years), and the branches reaches for op to 5 meters, but will die back when dried out. It gets small white-greenish flowers, but can also be reproduced by dividing the bulbs.