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Pellionia daveauana Watermelon begonia   Urticaceae

Pellonia-daveauana ,Watermelon begonia,


Pellonia-daveauana ,Watermelon begonia,Pellionias are creeping perennials found from Vietnam to MalPellonia-daveauana ,Watermelon begonia,aysia and Burma.
P. repens, the Watermelon Begonia, is a low growing plant up to 4 inches high with an indefinite spread. This trailing plant has fleshy stems clothed with broad, oval, scalloped leaves that have soft grayish green centers and purplish-brown edges. Its flowers are insignificant, as this plant is grown for the beauty of its foliage.
They should have moist, but well-drained soil in a partially shaded location. They need a humid atmosphere. When growing in hanging baskets, first line the basket with moss and then fill with equal parts of loam and leaf moldPellonia-daveauana ,Watermelon begonia, or peat, with a liberal amount of sand added. Insert rooted cuttings, 4 inches apart, in the top and sides of the basket. Hang the basket in a shady place and sprits with water daily. When the plants are first inserted, the soil is watered thoroughly, but no more should be given until it becomes fairly dry. Keep watering this way until the plants are well established, after which the soil is kept moist throughout the summer. propagation: Separate rooted stems or take stem cuttings.
varieties: P. repens; P. Daveauana; P. pulchra.