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Adianthum aethiopicum

Adianthum aethiopicum, Maidenhair, Pakis


Adianthum aethiopicum, Maidenhair, PakisOccurring through much of Asia, Africa and Australasia, comAdianthum aethiopicum, Maidenhair, Pakismon maidenhair has some of the most delicate fronds of the genus with very rounded, pale green leaflets 1/4 in (8 mm) or less in diameter.
Its wiry rhizomes are deeply buried, and a plant can spread extensively.
It often appears spontaneously in moist, shady spots in the garden, from wind-carried spores.
Plant in a humus-rich indoor mix in a container that is not too large for the roots, which do not like too much wetness.
Remove old fronds regularly.
Propagate from spores (division of rhizomes is possible but failures are common).