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Asparagus meyerii Foxtail fern Asparagus Liliaceae

Asparagus meyerii, Foxtail fern, Asparagus


Asparagus meyerii, Foxtail fern, AsparagusThe Asparagus Myers (A.Meyersii)the foxtail fern has erect stems with a large number of closely arranged short side branches with give the whole structure a very dense appearence.
The branches may reach 60 cm(24 in) in length but are usually much shorter, and the side branches are about 3-5 cm (1-2 in) long.
The cladophylls are a bright green and when well grown this is one of the most attractif potplants and can grow satisfactorily in light shade.
It bears tiny white haevily scented flowers,followed by red berries.
If grown directly in the ground the stems are shorter and arch outwards from the center of the plant,needing no support of any kind.
Propagation is by seed or division.
zone 9-11