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Asparagus setaceus
Asparagus fern
Asparaga Liliaceae

Asparagus setaceus, Asparagus fern,	Asparagus


Asparagus setaceus, Asparagus fern,	Asparagus

This large genus not only includes the edible asparagus, Asparagus officinalis, but also up to 300 other perennial species, including vines, shrubs and herbaceous plants.
Asparagus Setaceus(asparagus fern) is a well known and commonly grown species with tall slender,tough,climbing stems.
Well known to florist who cut the branches to mix it with flowers.
The whole plant is dark green with tiny needle like cladophylls and the stems may reach 2 mtr(4 ft) in length with many side branches wich are held horizontally so that the plant has a layered appearence.
The long twining stems can be cut to keep them short and this will cause many more side branches to develop.
Propagation is from seeds or dividing..