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Asparagus sprengerii Emerald fern   Liliaceae

Asparagus sprengerii, Emerald fern, Asparagus


Asparagus sprengerii, Emerald fern, Asparagus

The Asparagus Sprengeri is very commonly grown as an ornamental pot plant,but it grows remarkebly well also in beds,provided there is enough drainage.
The stems and branches are longer than in the last mentioned variety,and the appearence is very much more open.
The stems become drooping and the plants are therefore excellent in pots kept in hanging baskets, or in througs where they can droop over the sides.
It bears tiny white haevily scented flowers,followed by red berries.
If grown directly in the ground the stems are shorter and arch outwards from the center of the plant,needing no support of any kind.
Propagation is by seed or division.