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Lygopodium phlegmaria
Layered tassel fern

Lygopodium phlegmaria, Layered tassel fern


Lygopodium phlegmaria, Layered tassel fern	This elegant species is widely distributed in rainforestsLygopodium phlegmaria, Layered tassel fern	of tropical Asia and the South Pacific. It features small, shiny, lacquered leaves that line the long, pendent stems in 4 rows. In this and many related species the ends of the stems branch into groups of fine, elongated strobili-like green tassels, earning this group the name tassel ferns. They form large clumps of hanging stems that make them suited to basket culture.
Hardiness zone from 11 To 12
Cultivation: Only the epiphytic species are cultivated to any extent, mainly by fern enthusiasts. Outdoors in the tropics they prefer part-shade and a permanently moist niche in the fork of a tree. Elsewhere they require a greenhouse or conservatory maintained at high humidity, and can make dramatic specimens in hanging baskets. Hang in positions with some air movement; they are sensitive to excess water around the roots. Propagate from cuttings or by layering fertile stem tips.