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Cycas rumphii Sagopalm Pakis haji Cycadaceae

Cycas rumphii, Cycas, Mawar jambe, Pakis haji


Cycas rumphii, Cycas, Mawar jambe, Pakis hajiThis geologically ancient genus of cycads has about 15 species from Australia, Southeast Asia, Madagascar and east Africa, as well as many of the islands in between, and out into the Pacific. They are palm-like plants with pinnate fronds spreading from the top of a thick trunk that is packed with starchy tissue; male and female organs are on different plants, the male in long, narrow cones terminating the stem, the female on the margins of furry, leaf-like organs that ring the trunk apex and may eventually hang in a skirt below the trunk apex, as the hard, egg-like seeds mature. Trunk growth is normally very slow, so large specimens are prized and fetch high prices from collectors and landscape contractors.
Hardiness zone from 9 To 12
Plant Spread From approx. 400 To 600 cm
Plant Height From approx. 180 To 500 cm
Cultivation: They like sunny positions but with some shade in the younger stages, and deep, well-drained soil. Propagation is from seed, detached offsets, or by cutting off a whole trunk and plunging the base in a trench filled with gravel and organic matter.