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Licuala grandis
Palas palm
Palem kol Palmae

Licuala  grandis , Palas palm, Berggu,Palem kol


Licuala  grandis , Palas palm, Berggu,Palem kol

There are around 100 species in this genus of fan palms from the wet tropics of Southeast Asia and Australasia, varying greatly in stature.
Their fronds are very distinctive, from circular to fan-shaped in outline with regularly radiating ribs and toothed around the perimeter; in most species they are divided by splits into pie-wedge segments, often of unequal widths and with few to many ribs each. Slender flowering panicles arise from the frond axils, bearing numerous tiny yellowish flowers followed by small red or orange berries.
Cultivation: They prefer part-shade and sandy, well-drained soil.
Propagate from seed or suckers.