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Solanum macranthum Potato tree   Solanaceae

Solanum macranthum, Potato tree,


Solanum macranthum, Potato tree,

This is a small evergreen tree of some architectural value Solanum macranthum, Potato tree, because of it's very large lobed leaves.
It has an open, rounded or dome-shaped crown and the leaves and stems often bear thorns.
Large flowers are produced continuously in short inflorescences and are deep violet when they first open,
but fade to white in a few days.
Each inflorescence therefore will have flowers of several shades and is extremely attractive.
Fruits are produced freelySolanum macranthum, Potato tree, and propagation is easy from seeds.
The fruits are about the size of a tomato and are yellow to orange when became ripe,
but inedible as they are full with a large number of hard seeds.