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Michelia figo Banana plant Cempaka mulia Magnoliaceae

Michelia figo, Banana plant, Cempaka mulia


Michelia figo, Banana plant, Cempaka mulia	The banana shrub is so called because of the heavy, incredibly sweet banana scent of its flowers. These are white inside, covered with brown, furry bracts, and about 1-2" in diameter. The shrub itself is evergreen with glossy green leaves, sometimes a bit yellow in full, direct sun. It makes a dense, rounded to oval-shaped shrub that grows up to 15' high and almost equally wide. Originally from China.
Prefers acid, fertile, well drained soil with plenty of organic matter. May be pruned after blooming, but looks best when allowed to grow to natural size and shape. Has practically no pests or disease problems; although scale might develop, it is easily controlled.
Light: Sun to part shade.
Propagation: From cuttings .
Fragrant flowers, glossy, evergreen foliage.