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Zingiber officinale Common ginger Jahe Zingiberaceae

Zingiber-officinale, Common ginger, jahe


Zingiber-officinale, Common ginger, jahe

Originating in southern Asia, this species is grown for its edible, spicy, tuberous roots. It can reach up to 6 ft (1.8 m) in height in hot areas and has long, lance-shaped leaves. Spikes of white flowers with purple streaks are produced in summer.
The fresh root is peeled and finely chopped or grated and used to flavor many Asian dishes, curries and chutneys.
Dried and powdered ginger is used in sweet dishes and cakes.
It is often recommended as a therapeutic infusion for colds and travel sickness, and was once thought to safeguard against marauding tigers.
Flowering colors: Purple, White
Other properties: Medicinal
Cultivation: These frost-tender plants need a hot position with high humidity and plentiful water in summer, less in winter.
Give them plenty of space to grow.
Propagate from fresh seed or by division .