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Cananga odorata Ylang ylang Kenanga Annonaceae

Cananga odorata, Ylang ylang, Kenanga


Cananga odorata, Ylang ylang, KenangaThis handsome tropical tree reaching 80 ft (24 m) in the wild has pendulous, rather brittle branches and large, glossy green leaves.
The flowers, with their long, twisted, drooping, greenish yellow petals and extraordinarily heavy perfume, appear mostly in fall (autumn) in thick clusters at the leaf axils, and are followed by small greenish fruit.
The ylang ylang (its Malay name) is widely cultivated in Hawaii for the perfume industry.
Cultivation: Like their relatives the custard apple and soursop (see Annona), they are easily cultivated in a sheltered, shaded position. They prefer a moist, humus-rich soil. Propagation is from seed or cuttings.