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Acalypha wilkesiana Copper leaf Akalifa Euphorbiaceae

Acalypha-wilkesiana, Copper leaf, Akalifa


Acalypha-wilkesiana, Copper leaf, AkalifaOriginating in Fiji and nearby islands, this shrub grows to a height and spread of 10 ft (3 m). With erect stems branching from the base, it is grown for its large, serrated, oval leaves which appear in a wide color range, some with contrasting margins.
Inconspicuous tassel-like catkins of reddish bronze flowers
It prefers a warm, sheltered position and the foliage colors are best in full sun.
Cultivars include:
Macrophylla with very large leaves, each differently variegated with bronze, copper, red, cream and yellow blotches;
Godseffiana with narrow, drooping green leaves edged with cream;
Macafeeanaf with deep bronze leaves splashed with coppery red; and
Marginatawith bronze-red leaves edged with cream or
Cultivation: They need a sunny to semi-shaded position, well-drained, light soil with plenty of water during summer, and protection from wind.
Prune lightly to shape followed by additional feeding and watering.
Propagate from cuttings .
Watch for mealybug, red spider mite and white fly.