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Erythrina variegata Dabdab   Leguminosaceae

Erythrina variegata, Dabdab, Dadap kuning


Erythrina variegata, Dabdab, Dadap kuning

Erythrina variegata is a showy, spreading tree legume Erythrina variegata, Dabdab, Dadap kuningwith brilliant red
blossoms. Commonly known as the 'Indian coral tree' in Asia or 'tropical
coral' in the Pacific, this highly valued ornamental has been described as
one of the gems of the floral world.
It is a medium to large tree, commonly reaching 15 to 20 m in height in 20 to 25 years. It has an erect, spreading form,
typically with several vertically oriented branches emerging from the lower stem.
The leaves aretrifoliate. The leaflets are commonly
variegated, medium to light green,heart shaped,
The trees are deciduous, typically losing their leaves before flowering except unErythrina variegata, Dabdab, Dadap kuningder very humid conditions.
Brilliant orange-red flowers emerge in dense, cofiioal inflorescences , usually after the leaves have dropped. Flowering is normally followed by a lavish production of seed. The pods are thick and
black , each contains 5 to 10
egg-shaped seeds. These are glossy brown, red or purple
The seeds can float on salt water for months,