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Adansonia Baobab tree Baobab Bombacceae


Adansonia, Baobab tree, baobabCommon name(s):
These large trees, with trunks that become hugely swollen with age into a bottle or flask shape, amazed European explorers in Africa, Madagascar and northwestern Australia, the only regions where the 9 species are found growing wild (7 are endemic to Madagascar). They are usually deciduous in the tropical dry season. Leaves are divided into a number of leaflets radiating from the end of a common stalk. The cream flowers, which open only at night, are large and attractive and hang singly on pendulous stalks, are adapted to pollination by nectar-feeding bats. The large oval fruits contain seeds embedded in a sour, edible pulp.
Hardiness zone from 11 To 12
Cultivation: Propagate from seed or cuttings. Growth is slow until a good root system is established, but vigorous young trees with trunks beginning to swell make fine subjects for parks and streets. They are not too difficult to cultivate in the tropics or warmer subtropics and despite being from monsoonal climates with a long dry season, they adapt well to wetter regions.