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Casuarina junghuniana Casuarina Cemara gunung Cauarinaceae

Casuarina junghuniana, Casuarina, Cemara gunung


Casuarina junghuniana, Casuarina, Cemara gunung

Casuarina junghuhniana Miq. occurs naturally in Indonesia where its common is cemara (Java), and adjaob and kasuari (Timor). It is a tall forest tree 15-25 m H and 30-50 cm diameter, that can grow up to 35 m in height and I m in diameter.
The crown of cemara is reasonably open and consists of numerous long deciduous branchiets bearing reduced scale leaves. It is dioecious; individual trees are carry either male or female flowers. Male flowers are borne on the tips of deciduous branchlets and female "cones" in the axils of scale "leaves" on permanent shoots. This species grows rapidly with a strong apical dominance. It has the capacity to produce vigorous root suckers and female trees seed abundantly.
As with other casuarinas, wood of C junghuhniana is highly suitable for fuelwood and charcoal production. Its calorific value in charcoal form is 7180 kcal/kg, among the highest for a firewood species. Its wood is very heavy having an air-dry density of 900 kg/m3 .
Seed from C. junghuhniana is small with approximately 1-1.6 million seeds per kg. No special pre-treatment is needed to germinate seed. Like most casuarinars, seed probably loses viability quickly unless kept in dry, cold storage.