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Ficus religiosa Bo tree   Moraceae

Ficus religiosa, Bo tree


Ficus religiosa, Bo tree	Common name's):
Bo tree
Sacred fig
Indigenous to India and Southeast Asia, the bo tree resembles the banyan although it is not as tall; it has an open crown and poplar-like leaves with long thread-like tips. The fruit are small purple figs. It is believed that Buddha was meditating beneath a bo tree when he received Enlightenment. Many of these trees have been propagated from the tree at Anaradhapura, Sri Lanka, recorded as having been planted in 288 bc.
Hardiness zone from 11 To 12
Plant Height From approx. 3 to 25 mtr
Cultivation: Figs grow to great heights in gardens and most species have vigorous, invasive root systems. Fully frost hardy to frost tender, many make excellent container and house plants when young. Figs prefer full sun to part-shade and humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil and shelter from cold winds. Water potted specimens sparingly. Propagate from seed or cuttings, or by aerial layering.