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Polyalthia longifolia
Indian mast tree
Glodokan Annonaceae

Polyalthia longifolia, Indian mast tree, Glodokan


Polyalthia longifolia, Indian mast tree, Glodokan

Originating from Sri Lanka, this has become one of the Polyalthia longifolia, Indian mast tree, Glodokanmost popular park and avenue trees of tropical Asia.
It has a striking narrowly conical or columnar habit sometimes almost pole-like, with a curtain of long, glossy green leaves with slightly wavy edges concealing all but the base of the trunk.
New foliage flushes are at first yellowish then bronzy green.
Small greenish yellow flowers are borne in the wet season (summer) but are hidden under the foliage, and the small plum-like fPolyalthia longifolia, Indian mast tree, Glodokanruits are eaten only by animals such as fruit-bats.
Cultivation: Plant in moist, well-drained soil and shade when young.
Propagate from seed or cuttings.