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Samanea saman Rain tree Suwar Leguminosacae

Samanea saman, Raintree, Suar, Suwar

Samanea saman, Raintree, Suar, Suwar

Samanea saman, Mimosaceae, monkey pod; rain tree,Samanea saman, Raintree, Suar, Suwar suwar in indonesia . Stunning shade tree from tropical America, with large, dome-shaped canopy. The attractive wood is crafted into platters and bowls and sculptures.
The pods have a sweet, sticky brown pulp, and are fed to cattle in Central America .Synonyms: Albizia ,Pithecellobium saman
Common names:
English: monkeypod, rain tree, saman,suwar,suar.
French: arbre de pluie
Description: A large to massive tree, the crown rounded, usuallSamanea saman, Raintree, Suar, Suwary broader than tall; leaves with 2-8 pairs of primary leaflets, these each with 2-7 pairs of ovate to obovate leaflets 3-6 cm long; flowers in loose heads; corolla greenish-yellow, stamens dark pink; pods elongate, to 20-24 cm long, thick but compressed, black, pulpy within; seeds numerous

Commonly planted for shade and wood
Propagation: Seed.
Native range: Neotropics from Mexico to Peru and Brazil .