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Kigelia pinnata Sausage tree Kigelia Bignoniaceae

Kigelia  pinnata , Sausage tree, Kigelia


Kigelia  pinnata , Sausage tree, KigeliaThis unusual African genus contains 18 species of tropical and subtropical trees, one of which extends into northern South Africa. The compound leaves are made up of oval leaflets. The large, bell-shaped flowers are borne in long pendent racemes and are mostly orange or red. They are adapted for pollination by bats. The huge, gourd-like, sausage-shaped fruit have a thick skin(till 45 cm 18 in long) enclosing a woody, fibrous pulp which contains many large seeds.They are not edible.
Plant Height approx. 1200 cm
Cultivation : These trees require a hot climate, full sun, well-drained soil and plenty of water, and do best in areas of high humidity.
Propagate from seed or cuttings in spring.