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Acalypha indica
Indian copperleaf
Kucing kucingan Euphorbiaceae

Acalypha indica, Indian copperleaf, Euphorbiaceae, Kucing kucingan

Acalypha consists of the entire plant, Acalypha indica, which is indigenous to India. The herb is collected when in flower and dried, unless required for the preparation of the juice. Other species of Acalypha are also used medicinally, but A. indica alone is official.
Constituents.—The chief constituents of acalypha are resin, tannin, volatile oil, and the alkaloid acalyphine.
Medical use :Acalypha is an irritant to the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. It is used as a substitute for ipecacuanha. The drug acts reflexly through the stomach in small doses; it also acts as an expectorant arid, in larger doses, as an emetic. This drug has also been used as a laxative and anthelmintic.