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Cassia fistula Golden shower tree Trengguli Leguminosae

Cassia-fistula, golden shower tree, trengguli, leguminosae


Cassia-fistula, golden shower tree, trengguli, leguminosae

It has pinnate leaves made up of 3 to 8 pairs of large leaflets.
In summer it produces large, drooping clusters of , fragrant pale yellow flowers.
It can be grown in a sheltered position .
Cultivation: Cassias grow under a wide range of conditions, but most prefer well-drained soil and a sunny position.
Propagation is from pre-soaked seed or from cuttings.
Medical use: Has medicinal and poisonous properties; Roots for heart disease, retained excretions and Blliousness and as laxative, strong purgative, a tonic and febrifuge. Decoction of leaves and pulp of the fruit as purgative. Root bark is a good astringent while fruit as laxative.Apply on wounds and counters ringworm.