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Citrus hystrix Kaffir Lime Jeruk purut Rutaceae


Citrus hystrix,  Kaffir Lime, Rutaceae,  Jeruk purutThe Kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix DC., Rutaceae), also known as kieffer lime, is native to Indonesia but widely grown worldwide as a backyard shrub. A very thorny bush with aromatic leaves. The rough bumpy fruit is inedible but its oil has strong insecticidal properties. Well suited to container growing. The green lime fruits are distinguished by their bumpy exterior and their small size (approx. 4 cm wide), and the hourglass-shaped leaves Parts used:
Leaves and fruits.
Folkloric uses:
Aromatic baths: Squeeze fruit and juice to gogo (for shampoo) or water (bath).
Nausea and fainting: Inhale oil from rind.
Peel is a tonic ingredient; rind used in treatment headache and woms in children.
Flavor - Squeeze rind to extract oil.
Volatile oil used in perfumery.(actually, the leaf and the leaf-shaped stem or phyllode) are widely used.