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Morinda citrifolia Painkiller tree Menkudu Rubiaceae

Morinda citrifolia, Painkiller tree, Rubiaceae, Menkudu


Morinda citrifolia, Painkiller tree, Rubiaceae, Menkudu

The painkiller tree or Indian mulberry (Morindia citrifolia), a small tree native to tropical Asia and south to Australia. It has been introduced throughout the tropical Pacific region and the Caribbean islands.
The painkiller tree was used by people throughout tropical regions of the world.
Medical use: Leaves used as anthelmintic, emmenagogue, emollient, expectorant and antipyretic. Fruit treats swelling spleen, diabetes, beriberi, hepatitis, wound; as antitussive, for hair cleansing (shampoo) and stimulate immune system. Blood purifier, diabetes, fever and stomach ache.