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Piper retrofractum Bali pepper Cabe jawa Piperaceae

Piper retrofractum, Bali pepper, Piperaceae, Cabe jawa


Piper retrofractum, Bali pepper, Piperaceae, Cabe jawa

The tiny berries, which merge to a single, rod-like structure which bears some resemblance to catkins (flowers of trees like hazelnut or willow).
The content of piperine (about 6%) is slightly higher than in black pepper.
The name in Bali is Guplikan
Medical use: It is valued for various feverish diseases, including liver disorders with jaundice, and for migraine headache. In Malaysia it is used as a postpartum tonic. It is a component of digestive and sudorific (sleep-inducing) preparations. The roots are chewed for toothache and the root decoction is used for digestive disorders including stomach ache. It is included in many tonics, and it is used to disperse liver congestion.