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Pistia stratiotes Water lettuc Apu apu Araceae

Pistia stratiotes, Water lettuce, Araceae, Kapu kapu


Pistia stratiotes, Water lettuce, Araceae, Kapu kapu	Forming large clumps of felted rosettes, this species is an aggressive colonizer that can easily smother a small pond.
Although it does not oxygenate the water, fish will feed on its roots.
It also helps to shade the surface and keep the water cool.
Cultivation: Water lettuce is easily grown in any pond or slow-moving water.
It multiplies rapidly and can quickly clog streams.
It is usually self-propagating.
Medical use: Leaves are used in traditional medicine for the treatment of ringworm infection of the scalp, syphilitic eruptions, skin infections, boils, and wounds. The oil extract of P. stratiotes is used in the treatment of worm infestations, tuberculosis, asthma, and dysentery, and is applied externally to treat skin diseases, inflammation, piles, ulcers, syphilitic infections and burns