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Sauropus androgynus Sweet leaf Daun katu Euphorbiaceae


Sauropus androgynus, Sweet leaf, Euphorbiaceae, Daun Katu

The leaves and the top 15cm of stem tips of the Sauropus plant have a pleasant taste, similar to fresh garden peas, with a slightly nutty flavour. They are normally eaten raw in salads or steamed, added to stir-fry, rice and egg dishes, soups or casseroles. The leaves retain their dark green colour and firm texture on cooking. The flowers and small purplish fruits of the plant can also be eaten.
Uses --- Young shoots, leaves, but also flowers and fruits are eaten, raw, cooked or in the soup, as a vegetable throughout the region; they taste sweet and have a nice or very typical odour. The shoot tips have been sold as tropical asparagus.Stripped leaves and young shoots are sold in the market. Medical use: Dried and crushed root is used medicinally in Chiang Mai (Thailand) against head ache, but seemingly also acts against fever or urinary problems; the leaves are thought to stimulate milk production and recover the womb after child birth. In Java the leaves are also used to treat wounds and against colds. A green dye, used in foo are used as a green dye in food products. icinally, as dye, and ornamentally.There have been reports of toxicity following excessive consumption. Severe lung damage manifested by a condition called bronchiolitis obliterans has occurred in patients within months of consuming it.Some people have needed lung transplantation for this condition.