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Solanum torvum  Turkey berry Terongan Solanaceae


Solanum torvum , Turkeyberry, Solanaceae, Terongan

A coarse, erect, branched suffrutescent herb, the branches with short scattered spines, most parts of the body covered with stellate-shaped hairs.
Leaves: alternate, ovate to oblong-ovate, 10 to 20 cm long, wavy-lobed,
Flowers: inflorescence lateral, usually extra axillary racemose, often dichotomous. Flowers, many, white, about 1 cm long.
Fruits: globose, yellow, glabrous, about 1 cm in diameter.
Parts utilized
Wash thoroughly and cut into slices before sun-drying.
Antipyretic, antirheumatic, antiphlogistic, anti-infectious, anti-contusion, anti-inflammation and analgesic.
Cooling natured.
Slightly toxic.
Medical use:
For stomach ache, pain caused by contusion, internal bruise on the belly muscle - use 15 to 30 gms of dried drug. Boil to decoction and drink.
ndigestion, gastric pain at the navel.
Rheumatism-numbness, sprain contusion, lumbar muscular pains.
Decoction used in some areas (Bukidnon) to lessen postpartum hemorrhage.
Dosage: 15 to 30 gms dried roots in decoction, or processed into syrup or alcoholic suspension.